What Makes Texas Mesquite So Unique

Texas Mesquite wood is where it all started for us at the Hardwood Design Co, and we couldn’t have chosen a better wood to make our foray into flooring. Texas Mesquite wood makes for flooring that stands out and gets noticed. People see this wood and immediately exclaim their compliments and then want to know […]

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Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Company Reveals New Wall Claddings

Hardwood Design Co., a manufacturer in authentically crafted, thoughtfully sourced, and locally made hardwood flooring and timbers, is expanding its product offering to include wall cladding.

College Station, TX – In 2017 this College Station company is staying current with upcoming interior design trends by continuing to provide products that offer texture, purpose and rediscovery.  Wall […]

The Most Popular Woods for Wide Plank Floors

Wider planks create a unique look for hardwood floors that can elevate the look of any home, whether it be a luxurious estate or a high-rise apartment. The difference is noticeable at a glance, but the overall change in ambience is much subtler. Wider planks make the space seem warmer and more inviting without giving […]

How Can Hardwood Flooring Increase the Value of Your Home?

History is proven to repeat itself and in a time where simplicity reigns and the rarity and craftsmanship of a product is being appreciated more and more, exceptional flooring is no exception.

These days, quality hardwood flooring is comparable to a diamond’s “4 C’s” (cut, color, class and clarity). The richer, bolder, more unique hardwoods – the higher […]

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The Most Durable Flooring Options for Your Home

Some flooring options look beautiful, but they can also be delicate, staining and scratching easily in an active home that has children or pets. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your home, you need a durable flooring option that is going to create a gorgeous look for your home while also standing […]

Turning the common into the uncommon: our Live Sawn White Oak hardwood products

You may have noticed from some of our other preferred materials that we have a bit of a rebellious streak when it comes to craftsmanship. If a wood is gorgeous, we don’t really care what kind of a reputation it comes with for being difficult or finicky to work with. We’ll find a way to […]

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Storytelling through craftsmanship: reclaimed oak products

Picture a barn. It can be any barn. It doesn’t even have to be a real barn, but if you’re anything like us, chances are there’s at least one barn that caught your eye. Not because it’s new and flashy; it’s probably just the opposite. It’s probably old and weathered and bears the scars and markings […]

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There’s a reason it’s unique: Post Oak flooring

At Hardwood Design Co we work with a lot of leading builders and designers. People who know their industries inside and out. However, it isn’t uncommon for these professionals or our clients to look surprised when we mention our Post Oak flooring and other authentic Post Oak products. It just isn’t a wood that’s commonly […]

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Another Texas beauty: how we got our start with Southern Pecan flooring

We’re so fortunate to live in Texas, a land rich with great resources we can salvage and use to make beautiful authentic hardwood products. We already told you the story of how Hardwood Design Co got its start with Texas Mesquite. Now we want to tell you how we branched out into another native source: […]

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The wood it all began with: beautiful Mesquite

It’s probably clear by now that we don’t tend to do things the easy way. So it should come as no surprise that our first foray into gorgeous hardwood flooring and other authentic hardwood products didn’t include a nice stack of White Oak planks or easy to work with Pine. Of course not. We had […]

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