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We are not the hardwood flooring company for everyone.

It might be better for our profit margins if we were, but we just can’t be.

Our clients are part of an exclusive segment of the population that feels the same way about wood and about the custom handcrafted products that can only be created through the onerous and old fashioned methods we’re committed to using that we do. Our clients don’t understand the meaning of the word compromise and won’t settle for anything less than truly exceptional. They are unflinching, unyielding, demanding and exacting. They are without a doubt our favorite type of people.


Our creative design process encompasses everything we do to further enhance the naturally exquisite raw product you select for your projects. From lengths, widths, textures, surface styles, edge treatments, colors and finishes, we collaborate with you on your vision to determine the steps we need to take to turn your dream into lavish reality.

We have spent untold time and money developing and testing our own old fashioned, handcrafting processes suited to each type of wood we work with. We’re hardwood floor master craftsmen, it’s what we do. The respect we show for our wood, even the most finicky, difficult varieties, is rewarded with results you won’t get anywhere else, from any other craftsmen. We work with a precision that anyone else would find frustrating, with a deliberateness that verges on neurotic. It’s well worth it. Our clients are the people that know this.


We create handcrafted hardwood floors that aren’t meant to be walked on, they’re meant to be glided over. Staircases that deserve to be descended in slow-motion. Mantels worthy of admiration, ceiling beams that draw the eye endlessly upward, wall panels that exude splendor, and trim that provides a flawless finish to any room. If our clients can envision it, we can create it, authentically. That’s the Hardwood Design Co way.