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Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Reclaimed Oak Flooring Styles
Reclaimed Oak Flooring
Our favorite design work always has a story to tell. This story is about a setting, a building, an owner, a home’s inhabitants, the storied past or the wide-open future of a product. This is one of the reasons we love working with Reclaimed Oak. We salvage this priceless lumber from old buildings and barns, so we can repurpose it to tell a new story. Reclaimed Oak flooring and other products are the perfect match for our clients who think of vintage as a testament, not a buzzword. It's also ideal for those revel in the inherent romance of history. Reclaimed Oak boasts a density, durability, richness in color and uniqueness in character. This is due to both this Oak's old growth and long exposure to the elements. These are attributes that simply cannot be matched by the new growth lumber. There is no way to duplicate the effect the centuries have had on this unique wood’s patina, grain and character. Reclaimed Oak exudes warmth, yet at the same time it demands respect from those fortunate enough to luxuriate in it. This Oak also demands respect from those who work with it. We take that responsibility just as seriously as our forebears did when they originally crafted these structures by hand. Continuing on that tradition of authentic craftsmanship we carefully remove the nails, bolts and brackets of this wood’s past.  This allows us to painstakingly process it for its new life.  The Oak will maintaining its beautiful scars and expression lines so they may be admired for decades to come. We respect Reclaimed Oak just as we respect your vision and investment. Crafting custom Reclaimed Oak hardwood flooring, grand staircases, detailed trim, gorgeous paneling, stunning exposed beams, handsome mantels and other unique projects that you’ll want to spend a lifetime admiring.
Reclaimed Oak Flooring Specifications
  • Available in 5/8 in. sawn face engineered or ¾ in. solid
  • 5/8 in. engineered available in random widths 3′′ – 9′′, lengths from 1.5 – 10 ft., avg. length 7 ft.
  • ¾ in. solid available in random widths 3” – 9”, lengths from 1.5 – 10 ft., avg. length 7 ft.
  • Note: Longer lengths are available on the solid reclaimed oak products. Please call for details.