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We manufacture hardwood products from salvaged materials. 

Everything we manufacture at Hardwood Design Company is Thoughtfully Sourced. Most of our raw materials come from trees that have been cleared for urban development or agricultural purposes. We don’t claim to be sustainability experts, but we do believe in using the natural resources around us, to create awesome products others don’t. As long as we are able to, we will only manufacture products from salvaged or reclaimed materials.

Everything about our company is 100% Locally Made. We source all of our raw materials from small rural towns in the United States. We have our raw materials taken to our manufacturing facility in Bryan, Texas. We sawmill, rip lumber into veneers, cut tongues and groves, sand, hand-scrape, and hand-finish all in the same location. We are a vertically integrated company because we want to control the entire process from forest to floor, this way we can ensure that things are being done right. It would be easy to make more money by sending our wood overseas, but that wouldn’t benefit our employees, our customers, and more than anything it wouldn’t be done right.

“Authentic” to Hardwood Design Company is about being real and doing things right. We use old-school methods, like hand-scraping and hand-finishing. Every board is finished by hand, piece by piece. Yes, it’s inefficient, but the end result and value of authenticity is unparalleled. Our customers have a hand in the process of creating truly authentic hardwood flooring.

We are a team of creatives, not just saw-dust covered hard workers, we push ourselves to create and design products that are different and better than other companies. 

We Believe in:

  1. Doing things better…done right.
  2. Being responsible.
  3. Salvaging, using local resources.
  4. Creativity and hard work.
  5. Small businesses and responsible people.
  6. Authentic products, real craftsmanship.

“We live in a world where words are thrown around with no meaning anymore. Words are cheapened and used to imply things that aren’t true. Custom is no longer custom, and handcrafted is used to describe how coffee is brewed. A world where cheap labor in third world countries is used solely for the sakes of profit, with no regard for the ones who truly labor…and we celebrate it as quality, custom, or handcrafted. At Hardwood Design Company, our principles drive not only what we do but how we do it. Yes, our products are more expensive, because we value our people and the craftsmanship they bring to our brand. We choose raw materials that are available naturally, and we salvage so that we don’t rob the land of its beauty.”


-Brandon Claborn (Owner)