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At Hardwood Design Co., we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the unparalleled craftsmanship of our work. For nearly 20 years we have worked collaboratively with some of the best designers, architects and builders to create beautiful and unique hardwood products.

Because we have complete vertical integration of the manufacturing and finishing of our materials (we log, sawmill, dry, process and finish our own wood), we have unmatched technical knowledge of quality hardwood flooring. Managing each aspect of the process from planning and design to finishing means we have complete control over each piece, ensuring truly exceptional floors, every time. You can learn more about our process and manufacturing practices here

We offer a wide variety of wood options to compliment the design aesthetic of your project, from our signature Texas mesquite and Texas post oak lines to southern pecan, reclaimed oak, and live sawn North American white oak. Because we custom fabricate each project, we are able to use the materials and finishes that will perfectly align with your design needs, whether modern, rustic, or somewhere in between.

Our objective is to offer our client’s unique woods and style them in the most authentic way. We continually look for new ways to prove “Authentic” and provide our customers with the products they want! “Authentic” to Hardwood Design Company is the conscious decision not to develop, style or finish our products through modern technologies, but to remain true to the old methods of years past. Board by board and all by hand. One piece at a time, we distress, weather, stain, oil rub and finish by hand. We recognize the immense inefficiencies of this, however the end result and authenticity achieved is what we value most. Buying from us, guarantees that you are buying a product that is handmade to suit your individual style.