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locally made hardwood floors

Hardwood Design Company is a hardwood flooring manufacturer that uses local salvaged raw materials and local hard working people to create authentic products. We source our materials from rural Texas ranches, and land being cleared for urban development. We are a company where our owners, Jim and Brandon, have not one but two hands in the daily operations of our company. They started this company in 1998 as the only two employees, they still get their hands dirty every day. Locally Made is all about using local materials and local people to make better products, we do not outsource work to companies outside of the United States and do not underpay our workers. We support small businesses and people rather than shipping our products overseas to be finished because we believe in growing local communities and helping people have better lives. We use salvaged products because we can, and it’s better than clear-cutting trees and also happens to make incredible hardwood products. The photos below show several of the steps in our manufacturing process, from sourcing to saw-milling, kiln drying, molding, and finishing.