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reclaimed oak hardwood flooring sample


reclaimed oak hardwood flooring sample



Reclaimed northern white oak has a very rustic century old look and style. Wormholes and nail holes can be seen on most boards, most reclaimed oak has great crack character and a few big knots here and there. Reclaimed wood is made from trees that are significantly older and were left to grow longer than most trees that are around today, this results in the grain on most reclaimed boards having a much tighter pattern with lines staying very close to each other. Oak has long been a preferred choice for custom hardwood flooring because of its durability as well as its versatility. It lends itself to a wide range of cutting, finishing and staining options. In our hands, Oak flooring is anything but standard. We transform this popular wood choice into an end product that elevates any room it’s used in. Our Oak flooring is perfect for our clients that are looking for natural beauty and simplicity. They also aren’t opposed to having their breath taken away. Our live sawn Oak flooring and other custom Oak products start with large Northern White Oak. We purchase this Oak from a small logging operation in Wisconsin. It’s during the sawmilling process that we begin turning this common Oak into an uncommon product. Live Sawn is a cutting method we developed ourselves. Live Sawn is much slower and methodical than used by sawmills. Live Sawn requires the experience and knowledge of tree growth, sawmilling and project objectives. Traits we boast at Hardwood Design Co. This cut demands that we inspect the surface after each cut to best determine the next cut. The result of this painstaking process is a product that showcases the grain and character from each logNorthern White Oak hardwood flooring and other custom hardwood products can be as simple or as elegant as your project requires. It can be as clean or as spectacular as you wish. Get in touch with us to find out how we help you achieve something exceptional.