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You know as well as we do that when you have a design vision you’re always looking for something more. That extra edge that makes it more unique, more exclusive and more inimitable. Those little touches that give you something no one else can ever have. Our one of a kind reclaimed timbers give our clients exactly that. They are powerful statement pieces. Pieces that are unique, and not procured from any mass producing manufacturers. We seek out this priceless timber from old buildings and barns. Then we repurpose it for the clients that will cherish it for its history, unique heritage and uncommon markings. As with our reclaimed floors, there is no way to duplicate the grain, patina and character. Reclaimed timber’s have hundreds of years of history that new lumber does not. We adore these historical timbers because they are a symbol of authentic craftsmanship. There were no shortcuts or commercialization taken in these timbers. We’re happy to continue that tradition. We offer our timbers in both hand hewn or sawn forms. Hand hewn timbers are timbers sized and cut with an adze. Adze is a handheld cutting tool that dates back to the stone age. Sawn timbers are timbers cut on a sawmill. Because these timbers are hundreds of years old and won’t withstand much altering, we work to educate our clients on these timbers and how they are best used. Working with each client to select the timbers best suited to each custom project. We thrive on being able to play matchmaker between our discerning clients and our timbers. If you have an inkling of a project that requires a completely unique touch and you’ve searched for that something special to no avail, contact us today. We’ll find the perfect fit for you.