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At Hardwood Design Company, we intentionally source and manufacture premium wide plank hardwood flooring and other hardwood products for the design-oriented individual. Our handcrafted products are made to order based on individual specifications and design styles. 


With over 20 years of experience, we work with each individual client to determine which product, texture, finish, and platform would best suit their design. This level of product customization and the manufacturing of our products is what sets us apart from generic flooring companies. Our wide plank hardwood flooring is available in solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. We thrive to offer the best wide plank flooring utilizing thoughtfully sourced raw materials and the highest quality materials available. 


Hardwood Design Company seeks to salvage and manufacture quality local wood species that would otherwise be burned or destroyed. Specializing in Texas Post Oak, Texas Mesquite, Southern Pecan, Live Sawn Oak, and Reclaimed Oak, we have become known in the industry as the leading manufacturer of these unique hardwood species. The use of such raw materials helps the environment, renews natural resources, and boosts the local economy. 


We choose to be different and see beauty where others don't. We sought to develop a product unlike any other on the market, and in doing so, discovered a product that was truly sustainable and unique. 


Texas Post Oak hardwood is a white oak, which offers our clients limitless options in the direction of style and color for design purposes. This uncommon wood species is now one of our most desired hardwood flooring products. Available in 

We started salvaging Mesquite in 1998, and at that point, Mesquite hardwood floors, where uncommon. Mesquite hardwood is rich in color and is known for its hardness and stability.

Southern Pecan hardwood is pale auburn, swirled with dark streaks giving it a visual interest unique from any other wood. Our Southern Pecan hardwood floors are well suited to a variety of design aesthetics. 

Live sawn milling is the result of straight cuts through the log, which allows us to get the most use out of each log. This highlights all the grain and character variations in each log, giving our customers a unique and versatile oak hardwood flooring.

​ADDRESS: 3698 Ranch Road 620 South, #101, Austin, TX 78738


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  • Best Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

  • Made in Texas

  • 20+ Years of Experience

  • High-End Quality Wood Flooring

  • All Wood Salvaged in America

  • Ultimate Customization

  • Handcrafted from Tree to Floor

  • Authentically Crafted

  • Random Width Hardwood Flooring

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