Authentic and Local Materials For Your Home

Sitting on a few acres within College Station, Texas, is a home with the perfect combination of modern interior design and English country living. In order to establish authenticity and bring out old-world stylistic design approaches the homeowners sourced native and local materials.

Our Natural Face Texas Post Oak was the perfect solution. One of the most exciting things about our Natural Face is that it tells a story. A story about those whose daily lives are just as authentic as the material they choose to walk on. In this case, our story focuses on a family who wanted a living space with English solid roots and a heavy emphasis on heritage pride. The custom home build and land on which it sits perfectly captures the country lifestyle and old English design elements. With a gorgeous yard, gardens abundant with beautiful flowers, an all windowpane art room, and a greenhouse that provides them with home-grown fruits and vegetables, this property genuinely feels like you are living in another world. The interior entirely speaks for itself. With an open home concept and large rustic windows that remain consistent throughout the home, the natural light created is not shy. Our natural face wide plank flooring adds a rustic element that perfectly complements the creation of light in every room, creating the ultimate living space that feels like home.

If you are looking to bring a touch of nature and authenticity to your home you should consider using real materials. The homeowners chose solid wood beams to accentuate the architectural details of the homes interior. Natural Face wide plank flooring made out of local salvaged Texas Post Oak offers a sense of sustainability, richness, texture and depth to the overall design.

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