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Mesquite Hardwood Flooring Properties

Mesquite Hardwood Flooring Properties

During your research, you’ve likely come across mesquite as a flooring option. Mesquite hardwood floors are beautiful, and they have become common choices for homeowners. Mesquite has several wonderful characteristics and benefits. If you’d like to learn more about mesquite hardwood flooring properties, continue reading––we’ve got you covered.

Color and finish options

Mesquite comes in a wide array of beautiful medium to dark brown colors, giving your home that warm, smoky look you’ve always wanted. You have complete control over the finish of your flooring with our three options: natural face, hand-scraped, and flat-sanded. If your home begs for something rustic, you’ll love the hand-scraped finish, but if you want more of a classic aesthetic, you’ll love the flat-sanded. Lastly, if you want more of an authentic, old-world style, the natural face is for you.

Durability and stability

With a Janka rating of 2345, mesquite is one of the hardest woods available, which plays a vital role in its durability. Additionally, mesquite is one of the most stable woods in varying temperatures and moisture content. Because of its exceptional durability, little maintenance is involved. All you’ll need to worry about is routine sweeping and the occasional mopping to keep debris from scratching the finish. Many people put rugs in the areas with the most traffic for added layers of protection, but we think you should show off these floors as much as possible.

Due to the many beneficial properties of mesquite hardwood flooring—including durability, richness, and an authentic look—you really can’t go wrong with mesquite. Because it’s a difficult wood to work with, many manufacturers aren’t willing to put in the time to master the craft—but that didn’t scare us. We took on the challenge to develop the authentic craftsmanship that makes Hardwood Design Co. so unique. In fact, when we began restoring mesquite in 1998, we didn’t realize we were getting a head start on something special; now, Texas mesquite flooring is our flagship product. We offer mesquite flooring in various sizes ranging from thicknesses of ½” to ⅝”, widths up to 8”, and lengths up to 10’.


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