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What Is Live Sawn Hardwood Flooring?

What Is Live Sawn Hardwood Flooring?

When dreaming up the perfect hardwood flooring for one’s home, considerations such as type of wood, width, color, and finish often come to mind. Another factor that can have a significant impact on the flooring’s appearance that may be forgotten is the cut of the flooring. The cut of hardwood flooring refers to the way in which the lumber was milled and divided into flooring boards. The four main milling methods include live sawn, plain sawn, quarter sawn, and rift sawn. The milling method that you choose will have a significant impact on the grain pattern, appearance, and quality of your hardwood flooring. No pressure. In fact, we’re going to help make the choice easy for you—of the four methods, live sawn is arguably the most advantageous and appealing option. To learn more about what live sawn hardwood flooring is and how stunning live sawn floors can enhance the appearance of your home, continue reading.

What is live sawn hardwood flooring?

Live sawn milling is the most efficient way to cut a log into flooring planks. Employing a century-old European technique, it involves making straight cuts through the log in one direction without changing the orientation of the log.

Producing a blend of rift, quarter, and plain sawn wood, live sawn hardwood flooring is the most unique milling method. It provides the surface of the flooring with a stunning cathedral appearance that accentuates the grain and character variations in the log for a truly distinctive look.

What are the benefits of live sawn hardwood flooring?

  • Stunning appearance: live sawn milling provides the wood with an exquisite cathedral appearance.

  • It is the most sustainable option: live sawn milling harvests the maximum amount of wood from the log.

  • Durability: live sawn hardwood flooring is a highly durable wide-plank flooring option as it includes both a radial and tangential grain for optimal stability.

  • Range of color options: because live sawn hardwood takes on a finish extremely well, homeowners have a wide variety of color options to choose from.

  • No gaps: live sawn flooring doesn’t have any gaps between planks where dust or other allergens can get trapped.

For breathtaking flooring that radiates character and boasts an impeccable composition, take a look at the wide plank live sawn white oak flooring options at Hardwood Design Company. To envision how our custom flooring will suit your space, request a sample today.


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