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Exposed beams add an old-world charm to any design. They highlight the ceiling’s architectural elements and bring character and elegance to any room. Natural wood tones add warmth, and they entice every eye to look up and take in this stunning focal point. Beams can also accentuate light fixtures and other ceiling details.


At Hardwood Design Company, we enhance all these benefits with the highest-quality custom wood beams in Texas. We manufacture beams and timbers using the most innovative processes, which guarantee that our hardwood products look the best. In addition to our superior craftsmanship, our passionate design consultants can guide you to the right wood species and finish to fit your home’s natural style.  

Undecided? We encourage you to stop by one of our showrooms or visit our manufacturing facility to learn more about our process and gather inspiration. We love to share our expertise with our clients and collaborate with them to achieve these one-of-a-kind architectural features. You can also review our specifications below to determine which option might be best.

Our solid white oak wood beams will add the right touch of style and luxury to your home. If you’re ready to start your project, request a consultation to speak with one of our talented team members.  



6” x 8” x 16’

8” x 12” x 20’

We offer both solid and boxed beams available in Northern white oak. Our solid beams are available in various custom cuts and sizes. please call us for further pricing and availability. Our boxed beams are kiln dried, solid or engineered and available in sizes up to nine inches wide by sixteen foot lengths. Longer lengths will need to consist of a traditional lap-joint


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