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“Authentic” to Hardwood Design Company is about being real and doing things right. With our handcrafted wood flooring, we use old-school methods, such as hand-scraping and hand-finishing, to enhance the natural beauty of each salvaged species. Every board is finished by hand, piece by piece. Yes, it’s inefficient, but the result and value of authenticity are unparalleled. We are a team of creatives inspired to create and design products that are different, innovative, and one of a kind. Learn more about our different texture options and view our wide plank hardwood flooring products and galleries below.



The Natural Face hardwood flooring product undergoes a drying process that naturally produces a variety of weathering characteristics to the face of the hardwood. This is a proprietary drying process we developed to create products that have an authentic, old-world style. This unique drying process creates subtle undulations that occur across the face of the wood, creating a soft movement across the front of the board. The undulations produce a depth of dimension and texture. After the drying process is complete, we further enhance the surface of the wood by shaping each board by hand, following the natural weathering that occurred during the drying process. Our Natural Face products have become the product of choice for our high-end designers and architects. Available in wide plank Texas Post OakSouthern Pecan, and Texas Mesquite.

Natural Fac


A truly hand scraped floor produces an authentically crafted product reminiscent of an old-world craftsman. For over 20 years, we have scraped our wide plank flooring by hand and the results are unparalleled in aesthetics and authenticity. Hand scraped texture adds warmth and depth to a floor, giving it an old-world charm and character that is unmatched. This type of handcrafted wood flooring shows less wear over time than a smooth or flat sanded floor.

Hand Scraped


Our wide plank boards can also be flat sanded to create a smooth and seamless look. This look typically has a micro bevel or no bevel to create a flush joint against each plank. The smooth surface of a flat sanded floor can enhance the elegance of a room, especially in a darker finish, and create a classic, timeless look.

Flat Sanded
modern living space with vaulted ceiling and hardwood floors
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