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stacks of light hardwood planks

We are a team of creatives, not just saw-dust covered hard workers, we push ourselves to create and design products that are different, innovative, and one of a kind.




Brandon Claborn is an owner and creative designer of Hardwood Design Company. He believes you need to think in ways others don’t to be different and unique. It is this belief that sparks his creativity of our hardwood products. He is passionate about sourcing and developing materials that are not overly saturated in the design market to offer our clients a product unlike any other. It is this passion that led him to the sourcing and development of unique wood species such as our Texas Mesquite and Texas Post Oak. He chooses wood species that provide an artistic canvas rich in character, grain, and sustainability. You will find Brandon working in our manufacturing shop daily developing hardwood flooring colors, styles, and improving on our authentic processes. He is a firm advocate of authenticity and true old world craftsmanship. It is why we texturize and finish all Hardwood Design Company products by hand. It is not the most efficient method, but the results are unparalleled in the aesthetics and authenticity of an old-world craftsman.


Jim Matson is an owner and production guru of Hardwood Design Company. He is technically driven and has a passion for woodworking and machinery. He schedules all the elements of the production from milling, to drying, to engineering before handing the helm off to our creative team. Jim plays an active role in our manufacturing shop and works collectively with the production team on a daily basis. He takes pride in being efficient and maximizing the use of raw materials. 





Everything we manufacture at Hardwood Design Company is Thoughtfully Sourced. Most of our raw materials come from dead standing timber or trees that have been cleared for urban development or agricultural purposes. We don’t claim to be sustainability experts, but we do believe in using the natural resources around us to create incredible products others don’t. As long as we are able to, we will manufacture wide plank hardwood flooring from salvaged or reclaimed materials.

Thoughtfully Sourced


Everything about our company is 100% Locally Made. We source all of our raw materials from small rural towns throughout Texas and the United States and have those materials taken to our manufacturing facility in Bryan, Texas. We sawmill lumber and veneers, properly cure and dry, rip, mill the correct profile, sand, hand-scrape, and hand-finish all in the same location. The vertically integrated structure of our company allows us to control the entire process from forest to floor to ensure that things are being done right. We could make more money by sending our wood overseas, but that wouldn’t benefit our customers or our employees, and more than anything it wouldn’t be done right.

Locally Made


“Authentic” to Hardwood Design Company is about being real and doing things right. We make the conscious decision to remain true to old-school methods, like hand-scraping and hand-finishing to enhance the natural beauty of each salvaged species. Other flooring companies claim to create a similar authentic product using modern technologies to achieve their results, but we've found that our way of doing things creates an ultimately customized and handmade hardwood product that suits the individual style of our clients. Every board is finished by hand, piece by piece. Yes, it’s inefficient, but the end result and value of authenticity is unparalleled.

Authenticlly Crafted

We manufacture hardwood products and wide plank hardwood flooring from locally salvaged materials, including Texas Mesquite, Texas Post Oak, Southern Pecan, Live Sawn Oak, and Reclaimed Oak. Our wide plank flooring is available in solid wood flooring or engineered wood flooring. We also manufacture ceiling material, wall cladding, stairs, lumber and all other millwork needed to complete our client's unique project.

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