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Hardwood Species

All of our hardwood flooring products originate from these local American wood species and are handcrafted and finished in Texas.



We salvage our Texas Post Oak hardwood from Texas and the great southern plains. Texas Post Oak is distinctive from regular oak due to its intriguing grain that varies from board to board in a pattern that is not recurring.


This white oak’s signature look is created by beige streaks, dark speckles, knots, cracks, and color variations naturally found in the wood. Post Oak hardwood flooring is full of detail and hushed character, but there is nothing domineering about it. It provides a clean canvas open to individual interpretation, making it one of our most desired flooring products for clients who know what they want. Our Post Oak flooring, because of its unique authenticity, has been selected for many boutique hotel projects and multi-million-dollar residential projects throughout Texas and the United States.



Southern Pecan is a true American original, native only to the United States. It’s found from the river bottoms and floodplains in the lush Mississippi Valley to the great state of Texas. Salvaged Southern Pecan is an extremely wild hardwood species that is as rustic on the inside as it is on the outside. One of the unique characteristics that can be seen is color variation ranging from red, orange, beige, cream, and light grey.


Darkening occurs around the cracks, and as the wood grows to the outer most of the tree, it gradually gets lighter. Southern Pecan Heartwood is naturally a pale auburn color, swirled with dark, pecky streaks. This provides a visual interest unique from any other wood, making it an excellent candidate for a natural finish. Southern Pecan Sapwood radiates shades of cream and white with fine brown lines, giving it a subtle depth and visual intrigue. We thrive on finding the pieces with the right attitude for your project.



Salvaged Live Sawn white oak at first glance may seem like a very plain wood, but a closer look shows incredible detail and uniqueness within each and every board. Small knotting provides the base to cathedral grain that grows and creates beautiful wood patterns across the boards with tiny streaks providing depth. Live Sawn Oak is everything normal oak is and more.


Our Live Sawn Oak flooring products start with large Northern White Oak logs purchased from a small logging operation in Wisconsin. It’s during the saw-milling process that we begin turning this common Oak into an uncommon product. Live Sawn is a cutting method which originates in Europe and requires the experience and knowledge of tree growth, saw-milling, and project objectives. We began using this methodical way of cutting logs because we can do it better and we can do it locally, producing a product that highlights the grain and character from each log. Northern White Oak hardwood flooring and other custom hardwood products can be as simple or as elegant as your project requires. Oak has long been a preferred choice for custom hardwood flooring because of its durability as well as its versatility lending itself to a wide range of cuts, finishes, and stains. We transform this popular wood choice into an end product that elevates any room it’s used in, making it perfect for our clients that are looking for natural beauty and simplicity.



We salvage most of our Texas Mesquite hardwood from small, locally owned ranches south of San Antonio, Texas. Mesquite can become a nuisance for ranch owners because it can grow and take over their land if not handled properly. Many of the Mesquite trees we salvage are the result of land clearing to make way for cattle ranching or hunting purposes. We are able to take the raw materials that would otherwise be wasted and manufacture them into mesquite hardwood products.


Aside from its beauty, Texas Mesquite is renowned for its stability and durability. Mesquite has a Janka Hardness Scale rating between 2400 and 2600, making it one of the hardest and the most stable North American hardwoods. It’s known amongst craftsmen for being a difficult wood to work with, however, where others shy away is where we excel. We work each piece by hand with techniques that can only be mastered through decades of experience. Thanks to our long history with this wood, we have been able to develop our own cut, style, and finish process which helps emphasize the beautiful hardwood flooring while respecting its natural character.

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