carya illinoinensis

At Hardwood Design Company, we use true Southern Pecan. Native only to the United States, the pecan tree can be found in river bottoms and flood plains from the Mississippi Valley to Texas. Southern Pecan Heartwood is pale auburn, swirled with dark, pecky streaks giving it a visual interest unique from any other wood. The Southern Pecan Sapwood radiates shades of cream and white with fine brown lines allowing for subtle depth and visual intrigue. With distinctive mineral streaking, as well as grain patterns that are wavy and irregular, our wide plank Southern Pecan floors are well suited to a variety of design aesthetics. 


Available in 3/4" solid or 5/8" engineered flooring.

Available unfinished or custom finished.

Random Widths: 4" - 8"

Veneer: 4.5 - 8 mm sawn wear layer

Random Lengths: 2'-10' (avg. 6.5')



  • Highly textured

  • Subtle undulations that create the look of a timeworn floor

  • Old World look and feel



  • Medium texture

  • Visible depth and aged look

  • Rich in charm and character



  • Little to no texture

  • Smooth and seamless look

  • Flush joints


Wood is an organic and natural product which varies in grade and color variation within the same species. The wood grade includes the elements of character such as knots, cracks, or mineral streaks. The natural color variation will vary within the same species as well from lighter boards to darker boards. Below is a large sample displaying the amount of expected grade and color variations of Southern Pecan Hardwood