Texas mesquite hardwood floor
Texas Mesquite Flooring
  At Hardwood Design Co, we’re industry leaders in the development, manufacturing and use of Texas Mesquite. This wood is where it all began for us almost 20 years ago.  Mesquite flooring is what started us down the road of authentic craftsmanship, as well as,  being one of our most sought-after products. Richly hued with an elegant character, Texas Mesquite gives off an expensive aura that evokes thoughts of sweet tobacco, single malt scotch and buttery leather. It’s the wood that should have surrounded Mark Twain in his reading room. Aside from its beauty, Texas Mesquite is renowned for its stability and durability. Mesquite has a Janka Hardness Scale rating between 2400 and 2600. This makes Mesquite one of the hardest and the most stable North American hardwoods available. It’s known amongst craftsmen for being a difficult wood to work with. However, where others shy away is where we excel.  We work each piece by hand with the techniques that can only be mastered through decades of experience. Thanks to our long history with this wood we have been able to develop our own cut, style and finish process.  This helps emphasize the natural beauty of this wood while respecting its integrity. All of our Texas Mesquite flooring is sourced from south Texas. Usually from land that is marked to be cleared.  This is Mesquite trees that are burned for agricultural purposes. We salvage Mesquite trees that would otherwise be destroyed so we can give them new life as beautiful Texas Mesquite hardwood flooring.  It makes amazing  staircases, exposed beams on ceilings, focal point mantels and perfect-touch trim.
Texas Mesquite Flooring Specifications
  • Available in 5/8 in. sawn face engineered and ½ in. solid
  • 5/8 in. engineered available in random widths 3′′ – 9′′, lengths from 1.5 – 6 ft., avg. length 4 ft.
  • ½ in. solid available in random widths 2-1/4” – 5”, lengths from 12” – 42”, avg. length 28”