Live sawn cut floors apply a century-old technique that has long been the standard style of cutting logs in Europe. Live sawn milling is the result of straight cuts through the log, which allows us to get the most use out of each log. This is the most unique way to cut a log into hardwood flooring planks because it produces a mix of rift, quarter, and plain sawn woods. This type of milling highlights all the grain and character variations in each log and gives our customers an authentic and versatile product every time.

Our wide plank live sawn white oak flooring is a premium choice for any Texas home. Its character and composition are as unique as the homeowner who chooses it. Request a sample to start the process—this will help you envision how this custom floor will fit into your space.

quercus alba


Available in 3/4" solid or 5/8" engineered flooring.

Available unfinished or custom finished.

Width: 7"

Veneer: 4.5mm sawn wear layer

Random Lengths: 2'-10' (avg. 6.5')

Premium hardwood is a natural, organic product that creates unique tones and colors. Our white oak produces warm shades of earthy brown that range from light to dark. This color family can represent classic design, modern farmhouse, streamlined contemporary, or whatever style you prefer. Our premium hardwood flooring may be the perfect spark of inspiration to help you design your space from the ground up.  

Browse these color variations to discover the wood tone that inspires you the most. If you have design elements already chosen, a sample can be the perfect way to decide if your new floor will complement them.