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 Texas Mesquite is our flagship product. We started salvaging mesquite in 1998, and at that point, mesquite floors were unheard of. It is known for being an extremely hard wood to work with, however, where others shy away from is where we excel. We work each piece by hand with techniques that can only be mastered through decades of experience. Due to the painstaking process we had to develop, Texas Mesquite is what led us down the road to authentic craftsmanship. All our Texas Mesquite flooring is sourced from South Texas, usually from land that is marked to be cleared. Being one of our most desired products, mesquite is known for its hardness and stability. Previously, mesquite flooring was only available in narrow widths and short lengths, but our proprietary engineering process changed that. We are able to manufacture and offer widths up to 8” and lengths up to 10’. 


  • 100% Locally Made

  • 5/8” total product thickness

  • Widths from 4” - 8” (random widths available)

  • Lengths up to 72" (avg. > 42")

  • Natural millrun grade

  • 4.5 - 8 mm sawn lumber wear layer

  • CARB 2 certified

  • 9 - 11 ply Baltic Birch substrate

  • Precision T&G side profile

  • All natural wood character is epoxy filled


  • 100% Locally Made

  • 1/2” total product thickness

  • Precision T&G side profile

  •  Widths from 2 1/4" - 5" wide 

(random widths available)

  • Lengths up to 42" (avg. > 28")


  • Authentic handscraping / distressing

  • Weathering

  • Creative edge treatments

  • Hand oiling & custom finishing

  • Custom coloring with stains, oils, or waxes

Because Hardwood Design Company approaches the finishing from an artisan perspective, many variables come into configuration; therefore, pricing will vary correspondingly.

Pricing subject to change, please call for current pricing.

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