Texas post oak floor
Texas Post Oak Flooring
Texas Post Oak is a beautiful tree indigenous to Texas and the great southern plains. Texas Post Oak wood is a white oak that’s subtle and nuanced, unlike any oak we’ve seen. It’s full of detail, hushed character and gorgeous grain, but there’s nothing domineering about it. It provides a clean canvass open to individual interpretation. Post Oak ingratiates itself with our clients who know what they want. It’s a captivating wood that cries out for sun-soaked rooms and statement projects. It’s earthy, alluring and incredibly rare in design work. From leading architects and builders to design-centric homeowners, we work with the most knowledgeable people around. And yet, it isn’t uncommon to see with a look of bewilderment when we mention our Oak flooring. Texas Post Oak, sometimes called Iron Oak, is a wood that is finicky and rarely worked with. It borders on unheard of. It took us over three years of developing to come up with a process that makes this wood sing. Yet, we could see its refined beauty and knew the arduous hours would be worthwhile. Now this uncommon wood is one of our most desired. Out of our uncompromising respect for resources, we only use dead-standing trees, or trees cleared for new development. We do not accept any trees – that are for the sole purpose of profiting. We demand better, and so do our clients. If you have a project that needs an extra special touch, get in touch with us today. Find out more about or custom Post Oak flooring, ceiling beams, staircases, mantels, trim and other custom products.
Post Oak Flooring Specifications
  • Available in 5/8 in. sawn face engineered or ¾ in. solid
  • 5/8 in. engineered available in random widths 3′′ – 9′′, lengths from 1.5 – 10 ft., avg. length 7 ft.
  • ¾ in. solid available in random widths 3” – 9”, lengths from 1.5 – 10 ft., avg. length 7 ft.
  • Note: Longer lengths are available on the solid Post Oak products. Please call for details.