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How To Choose Ceiling Beams for Your Home

How To Choose Ceiling Beams for Your Home

Ceiling beams are a unique addition to any home and are especially charming for homes with rustic designs. At Hardwood Design Co., we believe every house can benefit from adding natural wood beams. Not only do ceiling beams create a spacious feel, but they also accentuate room lighting and architectural details. If you’re on the market for this stunning home renovation project, here’s how to choose ceiling beams for your home.

Gather Your Measurements

As with any home addition, ceiling beams require proper measurements. Fortunately, Hardwood Design Co. offers custom wood beams to adequately fit varying sizes. On top of your ceiling’s dimensions, also consider whether there are any ceiling obstructions such as lights, sprinkler systems, or entertainment system equipment.

Tips for Selecting Ceiling Beams Based on Measurements

  • For tighter spaces, install smaller, thinner beams.

  • For spaces with high ceilings, use deep and wide beams.

  • For especially large ceilings, try implementing a lattice beam design.

Choose Your Beam Style

When it comes to interior ceiling beams, there are a few different styles to choose from. We’ve laid out the specifics of salvaged, boxed, and solid wood to help you decide which one’s right for you.

Solid Wood

Solid wood gives a very authentic, earthy feel to any room. Because solid wood beams tend to be heavier and bulkier, it’s recommended that you have them measured and installed by professionals. Though the cost of these beams might be steeper, you’ll be ecstatic with their design value.

Salvaged Wood

If you’re looking for the most sustainable option, salvaged wood is the perfect selection. Providers repurpose old wood to look brand new; it’ll give your home interior a luxurious look and feel.

Boxed Wood

Boxed wood ceiling beams are manufactured from three pieces of lumber. Because boxed wood uses different types of lumber, it’s often on the pricier side.

Tips for Selecting the Right Style

Avoid getting overwhelmed by your options by asking yourself the following questions. Reflecting on your desired look and feel for the beams will make your decision a whole lot easier.

  • Do you prefer a smooth, nondescript look or a more distressed appearance when it comes to wood?

  • Do you want your beams to have texture and dimension?

  • Do you prefer the color of your ceiling beams to blend harmoniously with the rest of the room or create an intriguing juxtaposition?

At Hardwood Design Company, all our resources are thoughtfully sourced, authentically crafted, and locally made. With a vast selection of hardwood textures, colors, finishes to choose from, and design consultations to help you choose ceiling beams for your home, you’re sure to find the perfect home addition.


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