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EST. 1998

At Hardwood Design Company, we intentionally source and manufacture premium wide plank hardwood flooring and other hardwood products for the design-oriented individual. Our niche products are made to order based on individual specifications and design styles. 


With over 20 years of experience, we work with each individual client to determine which product, texture, finish, and platform would best suit their design. This level of product customization and the manufacturing of our products is what sets us apart from generic flooring companies. 


Hardwood Design Company seeks to salvage and manufacture quality local wood species that would otherwise be burned or destroyed. Specializing in Texas Post Oak, Texas Mesquite, Southern Pecan, Live Sawn Oak, and Reclaimed Oak, we have become known in the industry as the leading manufacturer of these unique hardwood species. The use of such raw materials helps the environment, renews natural resources, and boosts the local economy. 


We choose to be different and see beauty where others don't. We sought to develop a product unlike any other on the market, and in doing so, discovered a product that was truly sustainable and unique. 



We manufacture sustainable hardwood products by salvaging the natural resources around us.

stacked raw wood samples



We control the entire process from forest to floor, sourcing all raw materials from within the United States, and manufacturing them in Texas.



We use old-school methods to finish each and every piece by hand, creating an unparalleled hardwood product.


Our thoughtfully sourced wood produces lumber with original aesthetic qualities. After all, nature is in charge of this inventory. In choosing Hardwood Design Company, you are provided with the assurance that all of our hardwood products and custom wide plank flooring originate from local American woods and are handcrafted and hand-finished in the United States. Hardwood Design Company is in complete control of the process—from the tree to the finished product, meaning that we source, saw-mill, manufacture, design, and distribute all of our hardwood products. Having such involvement might not be the most efficient process, or work for other companies, but it allows us to use local resources, local labor, and the highest quality materials and processes available.  


Being different isn't easy, but it has shaped us into a company that believes in developing a premium product that is thoughtfully sourced, locally made, and authentically crafted. For over 20 years, we've manufactured local, premium wide plank hardwood flooring and other hardwood products to bring an artistic style to your space through a local and sustainable journey. Whether you are an architect, designer, or conscientious homeowner, we have the right product for you.


View some of the stunning projects we've completed over the years on our products page by clicking on the product you are interested in seeing more of.

Wooden Ceiling Material
Hardwood Patterns Wood Floor Patterns


Natural Face is our signature flooring product. The natural movement produces a depth of dimension and texture nostalgic of an old-world floor aged by the elements of history, life, and love.




"Hardwood Design Co is the only company I have found that truly has complete control of the manufacturing, distribution, and retail process of their hardwood flooring. Using Texas Mesquite, Texas Post Oak, Southern Pecan or Northern White Oak that is salvaged using the most sustainable environmental practices, Hardwood Design Co. saws veneers from the trees they source. The beautiful veneers are applied to the most dimensional stable core the world has to offer. The plain sawn veneered are pressed at the factory using elite adhesives and pressing technology. The boards are then milled to perfection.


After the milling process, this is where they take it to another level. Applying only the best finishes in the world to the color and style of your choice, Hardwood Design Co. perfects the look of your wood using hand finished custom techniques. Hardwood Design Co. makes the most comprehensive engineered flooring the world has to offer. If you are lucky enough to have the option to put this in your environment, pull the trigger!"


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