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There’s something wonderful about being able to reuse wood that has a history and character all its own. We salvage this priceless lumber from old buildings and barns so that we can repurpose it to tell a new story. At Hardwood Design Company, we carefully and thoroughly inspect all our reclaimed wood to ensure each piece is in good condition. Our reclaimed hardwood flooring is locally sourced in the United States and authentically crafted in Texas to create a high-quality product that lasts.


This wood flooring also represents more than just quality manufacturing. It exudes warmth and boasts a uniqueness in character. It’s the perfect choice for our clients who think of vintage as a treatment or love rustic, natural design. We are proud to offer these distinctive reclaimed oak flooring with the confidence that it's not only beautiful and authentic but durable as well. 

If you want to know how our reclaimed flooring will fit into your existing design, request a sample. With this in hand, you can see how the natural wood tones will complement your décor so you can make the right choice for your new floor. 


Available in 3/4" solid or 5/8" engineered flooring.

Available unfinished or custom finished.

Width: 7"

Veneer: 4.5mm sawn wear layer

Random Lengths: 2'-10' (avg. 6.5')


Our reclaimed wood options include several variations, so you can select a color that works perfectly in your space. We have wide-plank reclaimed flooring in light, medium, and dark tones. If you’re having trouble deciding, work with one of our design consultants.  Our expertise will make the process seamless.  You may also visit one of our showrooms, or better yet, visit our manufacturing facility and see the process from start to finish.  Contact us today to craft your one of a kind hardwood floor.



Let Hardwood Design Company help you achieve a one-of-a-kind design you can be proud of. Texas homeowners love our custom reclaimed hardwood flooring because it’s unique, authentic, and locally sourced. Each hardwood product we create has its own charm and personality.

Request your design consultation now to learn more about our process and techniques. We’re excited to work with you to develop a new floor that expresses your style.

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