There’s something wonderful about being able to reuse wood that has a history and character all its own. We salvage this priceless lumber from old buildings and barns so that we can repurpose it to tell a new story. At Hardwood Design Company, we carefully and thoroughly inspect all our reclaimed wood to ensure each piece is in good condition. This reclaimed flooring exudes warmth, boasts a uniqueness in character and is perfect for our clients who think of vintage as a treatment. We are proud to offer these distinctive reclaimed oak floors with the confidence that they are not only beautiful and authentic but durable as well. 


Available in 3/4" solid or 5/8" engineered flooring.

Available unfinished or custom finished.

Width: 7"

Veneer: 4.5mm sawn wear layer

Random Lengths: 2'-10' (avg. 6.5')