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How to Properly Size an Area Rug

Whether you want to admit it or not, the area rug in your living room probably doesn’t fit your room properly. Typically, the reason so many people don’t have an area rug that fits the room is they merely don’t know how to properly size an area rug. We’re going to change that—read on to learn how you can get the right - size area rug.

Measure the size of your room

Before you begin thinking about adding an area rug, you have to know the dimensions of your room. You might think you can eyeball it, but you can’t. Take out an old-fashioned tape measure and find out the length and width of your room. Generally speaking, you want your area rug to be a couple feet smaller than your room or section. Let’s say you have a family room of 12 by 16 feet—your rug should therefore be roughly 10 by 14 feet. You don’t want your rug to match the size of your room because that means you no longer have a rug—you have carpeting. However, this is a general rule, and rules are meant to be broken, right? More on that later.

Decide if you want all the furniture on the rug or not

Another factor to consider is your furniture. Your furniture can act as a guide to help you determine the proper area rug size. Take a sofa, for example—some people want all four legs on the rug, while other people only want the front two legs on the rug. Neither option is wrong, so that’s up to you to decide.

Don’t be afraid to expose the flooring

Ultimately, an area rug can be the finishing touch on your home décor. That said, you have to identify the aesthetic you’re trying to display in your home. If you have beautiful flooring such as Southern pecan hardwood flooring, why would you want to cover most of it? The best area rugs are the ones that complement your existing flooring.

As long as you take these tips on how to properly size an area rug into consideration, you’ll have an excellent area rug that complements your flooring, furniture, and overall décor. If you’re looking to upgrade your flooring into something more unique that will complement your existing area rug, consider Hardwood Design Co. Our reclaimed hardwood flooring guarantees a unique floor unlike anything else on the market. If you’re interested in high-quality flooring or you have any questions, contact our team today. We’re happy to assist you in taking your flooring to the next level.


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