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Pecan Hardwood Flooring Characteristics

Pecan Hardwood Flooring Characteristics

One of the best home upgrades someone can make is installing hardwood flooring, but how do you know which hardwood to choose? There are seemingly endless dimensions, colors, and wood species—how could you possibly choose one? One of the most beautiful wood species is pecan, and it’s also one of the best materials for hardwood flooring. If you’d like to learn a few pecan hardwood flooring characteristics, read our guide below.

A unique wavy and pecked grain

One of the most distinctive features of pecan wood is its grain. Pecan has a beautiful natural swirled grain, sometimes with some pecked streaks. Lighter colors can accentuate the grain, while darker colors tend to have a less prominent grain. Either way, pecan offers one of the best natural grains of all hardwoods.

A variety of colors

Pecan’s natural color is a light to medium brown, sometimes with a hint of red. Pecan’s natural coloring is exquisite in and of itself, but we know people want a variety of colors to choose from for their homes. Our southern pecan hardwood flooring is available in colors ranging from white-washed to a whiskey brown to a dark brown. For additional variety, we also offer three different texture options: natural-face, hand-scraped, and flat-sanded. You’ll love our natural-face boards if you’re looking for a lot of texture that appears timeworn. On the other hand, if you need something smooth with little to no texture, you’ll want our flat-sanded boards. And as you might suspect, our hand-scraped boards offer a comfortable middle texture with a charming appearance.

Excellent durability

One of the most important characteristics of any flooring type is its durability, and pecan certainly doesn’t disappoint. Pecan comes in at 1820 out of 4000 on the Janka hardness scale, which is exceptional, considering a wood rated at 4000 would be far too hard for flooring. That said, pecan is a relatively hard wood, so we’d suggest having a professional install the floor to avoid damaging the boards.


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