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Texas Post Oak Styled

Hardwood floors adds a timeless and classic element to a design. But just because it is classic doesn’t mean it’s only an option for a traditional, classic space. Our Texas Post Oak Hardwood floors create a beautiful backdrop for any style room – from rustic to modern. We have styled our Natural Face Texas Post Oak to show the versatility and character it adds to a variety of design styles. The natural beauty of our salvaged Texas Post Oak complements a range of colors, lines, and textures. The natural hues of our Texas Post Oak include a blend of brown and cream undertones which make for a beautiful and organic style when crafted with a natural aesthic. Here we focus on a light custom stain blend to complement the brown and cream variations while highlighting the natural mineral streaking of the hardward. This adds a stunning contrast within the hardwood that includes both light and dark elements to mix in your overall design. As you will see from the design boards we created below design and styles.

Texas Post Oak Styled With You In Mind


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