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The Advantages of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Everybody knows that hardwood floors are great additions to any home, but not all hardwood floors are created equally. If you want to take your home’s floors up a notch, go for reclaimed hardwood. Why? We’re glad you asked. There are several advantages of reclaimed hardwood flooring, and we’re going to discuss a few of them below; check them out.


Wood is already a renewable resource, but that doesn’t mean we should plant more trees just to cut them down when there’s plenty of beautiful wood to use first. Reclaimed hardwood is much more sustainable because you’re using wood that otherwise would be disposed of. At Hardwood Design, we thoughtfully source all our lumber from dead trees that have been removed for urban development in Texas and throughout the United States. We then salvage that lumber and handcraft it locally to produce beautiful hardwood flooring, among other products.

Stability and Durability

Because reclaimed wood has a history of exposure to elements, it’s much more stable than new wood. As a result, reclaimed wood is less reactive to moisture and temperature. Additionally, because of their history with the climate, reclaimed and salvaged woods are typically harder, which provides superior durability. Consequently, reclaimed wood lasts much longer than new wood, so you get a better ROI on your flooring.

Natural, Unique Design

Probably the coolest advantage of reclaimed hardwood is the design options. Every board is uniquely different with its grains, knots, and other characteristics. In addition to the board’s natural characteristics, you get a lot more options when it comes to wood species. In fact, at Hardwood Design, we offer mesquite, pecan, live-sawn, and premium oak flooring. Each wood species has a unique character unlike any other, and it will give your home a unique, sophisticated feel.

Clearly, the advantages of reclaimed hardwood flooring are great for the environment, for creativity, and for longevity. The next step is finding a company that uses reclaimed wood and actually handcrafts it themselves. At Hardwood Design Company, we welcome customers into our manufacturing facility so that they can witness our processes firsthand. We love making connections with people and take pride in having the ability to provide authentically crafted products for all. Request your sample today, and don’t forget to stop by if you’re in the area.


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