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Old World, Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring - A Journey Of Sustainabilty ​And Authenticity


Doing what others don't is what sets our products apart from others in the hardwood flooring industry. It's a belief concretely engrained in our processes, from the way we source, to the way we manufacture and artistically craft our products. We craft premium and unique wide plank hardwood flooring and products with a sustainable journey.

texas post oak

“Authentic” to Hardwood Design Company is about being real and doing things right. We use old-school methods, like hand-scraping and hand-finishing, to enhance the natural beauty of each Salvaged species. Every board is finished by hand, piece by piece. It's why we choose the quality of our products over the quantity, the result and value of authenticity are unparalleled. As a team of creatives, we create and design products that are different, innovative, and one of a kind.

Owners Brandon Claborn and Jim Matson's values and creativity embody the foundation of the Hardwood Design Company brand; it is their vision, creativity, and daily involvement that drives the innovation of our products. Our team of creatives customize stain colors, textures and hardwood flooring styles that accentuate each wood species we offer. Hardwood floor colors are intentionally designed to enhance styles of a light hardwood floor, a dark hardwood floor and the every sought after natural hardwood floor.

Our authentically crafted processes allow us to maintain a sense of honesty and respect for our thoughtfully sourced material. We intentionally craft a product to preserve and enhance its natural imperfections designed from its organic roots.

Authenticity means being genuine. It is not a specific look or style, it's a story about quality and origination.

Our products are crafted for the discerning individual that craves quality, authenticity, and connection. A unique product begins with it's origin, we are passionate about crafting a unique product and that means offering wood species that other's do not offer. It is where our story began in 1998 with the development of our Texas Mesquite hardwood flooring. This journey continues today with our Signature Texas Post Oak hardwood flooring, Southern Pecan hardwood flooring, and Live Sawn Oak hardwood flooring. Salvaging natural materials with organic roots infuse a warm and earthy aesthetic, evoking a sustainable and timeless design.

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Our Natural Face hardwood flooring undergoes a proprietary aging process that produces a variety of time-worn characteristics to the face of the hardwood. This aging process creates subtle undulations that occur across the top of the wood, adding visual interest and movement. Our aging process enhances the depth of dimension and texture nostalgic of an old-world floor aged by the elements of history, life, and love.

For over 20 years we have manufactured quality products from the tree to the finished product. We are passionate about crafting an authentic product to enhance and preserve the beauty of the wood. We stand firm in our belief that handcrafted is the way to achieve and maintain the authentic integrity of our products. Our products are scraped, textured, and finished by hand, our craftsmen and artisans know their materials well and take advantage of their unique characteristics. They bring out the nature of the materials and present them in their own unique way. It is why we choose to craft products for a discerning market with an appreciation for craftsmanship, transparency, and quality. We choose to manufacture quality over quantity, providing for a niche market that desires a unique, one-off product.

Products can create new conversations that prove there is substantial value in American ingenuity, creativity, and manufacturing. It's where repurposing, uniqueness, and authenticity rival all other efforts.

Manufacturing Facility

1853 Roughneck Drive

Bryan, TX 778087

College Station Showroom

750 William D. Fitch Parkway #310

College Station, TX 77845

Austin Showroom

3698 Ranch Road 620 South #101

Austin, TX 78738

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