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Wide Plank Hardwood Floor Direction

Everyone can agree that hardwood floors are just as authentic as beautiful. However, not everyone agrees on the direction in which hardwood floors should be laid. As with every update you make to your home, it's important to step back and weigh your options. Vertical, horizontal, herringbone, chevron, you have several choices for placing your flooring and other factors to consider.

The most common way to lay hardwood floors is to line the boards parallel to the longest wall. Apart from a few exceptions, this is the preferred wide plank hardwood floor direction of installing wide plank wood flooring because it provides the best results in terms of aesthetics. But there are other options, and with each choice, you'll want to consider the entire floor plan, so your wide plank hardwood floors look cohesive as you move from room to room.

wide plank wood floor direction staight lay

Consider Natural Light When Deciding on Your Hardwood Floor Direction

One factor to consider when installing new hardwood floors is your light source. Suppose your room has a lot of natural light. In that case, you might consider running the planks in the direction of the light because if your board is placed perpendicular to the light source, then the light will pass through each joint, and any slight change in the height of the board will create what appears to be a small shadow. Running your hardwood planks in the same direction as the light source eliminates this issue.

wide plank texas post oak wood flooring in bedroom

Typically, hardwood floors are placed in a straight pattern. To achieve this look, the boards are installed parallel to each other along the length of your room. This method creates a classic and elegant look; this style is timeless and goes well with almost any design aesthetic.

If your room is narrower, you can choose to lay your hardwood flooring horizontal to the room making the space appear larger. Installing the floor horizontally will draw the eye from side to side, creating a feeling of a larger space.

herringbone hardwood floor pattern by hardwood design company

Herringbone Hardwood Floor Pattern

Wooden hardwood planks are laid diagonally in a zigzagging fashion, resulting in the traditional herringbone hardwood floor pattern. A Herringbone hardwood floor pattern is one of those classic designs that will never go out of style and makes a statement in any space. There are several things to consider with this option. Due to the complexity of the hardwood floor design, you'll want to make sure your installer has experience in creating this type of layout. You'll also want to remember that due to the precise cut of the pattern, there will be some additional waste, increasing your cost slightly. At Hardwood Design Company we cut each piece of the pattern by hand. We then assemble it piece by piece. This intricate process results in a one of a kind hardwood floor pattern. We choose to craft our products by hand. The detail to enhance each boards nuances can not be enhanced by machinery. A handcrafted, authentic, and custom hardwood floor deserves the labor of love from that of a true craftsman and not a machine with the goal to mass produce.

Chevron Hardwood Floor Pattern

Chevron hardwood floors elevate a space. They add more visual interest than a traditional straight lay hardwood floors. Installing hardwood floors in a chevron hardwood floor pattern can have a huge visual impact on the look and feel of a room.

chevron natural face wood floor pattern by hardwood design company

Each Chevron floor board plank is cut to size to facilitate the installation process. The degree and length of the chevron floor boards can make for a traditional or more modern aesthetic.

Geometric Hardwood Floor Pattern

Countless hardwood floor designs can be achieved by laying wood planks in repeating geometric patterns. A pattern can be a simple offset pattern or a more complex parquet pattern with the appearance of a checkerboard or other design inspirations. While a pattern requires careful planning, it can be a standout feature in your home.

ardeche natural face wood floor pattern by hardwood design company

The above pattern is our Ardeche hardwood floor pattern. The wood species is our Signature Natural Face Texas Post Oak hardwood flooring. The custom blend stain and in house finish has not yet been applied. You can see the beautiful nuances and character of our salvaged Texas Post Oak hardwood flooring. Blond undertones, natural color variation, knots and cracks make for a rustic yet refined style for any custom home.

Custom stains and finishes are made in house. Our design consultants will walk you through each step of the hardwood flooring customization process. Stains and finishes are applied by hand to yield a truly authentic and one of a kind custom hardwood floor.

Random Width

The random width pattern installation involves combinations of planks of different widths, although it is a simple parallel design. This hardwood floor pattern allows you to choose the wide and narrow planks ratio, resulting in a unique custom look. This style works when your goal is to achieve a more authentic feel.

Texas post oak wide plank flooring Round Top, Texas

Contact us to learn more about product availability and lead times. We would love to invite you to visit our manufacturing facility to see our processes that craft your custom hardwood floor from the salvaged tree to the finished product. Made in TEXAS and shipped nationwide.

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