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Everything You Should Know About Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

With more and more homeowners taking an interest in sustainable features, reclaimed hardwood flooring has boomed in popularity. As this type of hardwood flooring becomes a more accessible interior design element, you might be considering it yourself. Explore everything you should know about reclaimed hardwood flooring to help determine whether the sustainable option will make a fit for your home.

What is Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring?

Simply put, reclaimed hardwood flooring is repurposed wood from old structures, naturally fallen trees, or trees that have been cleared for infrastructural or agricultural purposes. Once hardwood manufacturers salvage enough wood, they process it to look just as appealing as any other hardwood floor.

What Are the Perks of Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring?

Salvaged hardwood flooring is a commonly sought-after home element for several reasons. Our guide to everything you should know about reclaimed hardwood flooring lists its perks below.

  • You can feel positive about choosing the eco-friendly option.

  • It offers unique character that’s harder to come by with normal hardwood flooring.

  • You still have a variety of installation pattern, varnishing, and other style elements to choose from.

  • You can feel confident in its durability, as it has already stood the test of time.

  • It offers an authentic and aged style

How To Make Your Reclaimed Floors Last Longer

Though highly durable, reclaimed floors are still susceptible to showing wear and tear like every other type of flooring. Regular maintenance and certain preventative measures can help uphold your reclaimed hardwood flooring’s appearance.

  • Place floor protectors on the legs of couches, chairs, and other furniture.

  • If you have pets, upkeep their claws so they don’t scratch up the floor.

  • Remove shoes when you enter your home, so as to not track outdoor debris inside.

  • Wipe up any spilled liquids ASAP so they don’t stain the floor.

How Hardwood Design Company Sources Its Reclaimed Wood

Hardwood Design Company takes pride in the fact that our hardwood flooring is thoughtfully sourced. Our raw materials are derived from already cleared trees, standing dead trees, and old barns and buildings, giving us a sustainable edge over other flooring companies. Through hands-on finishing processes, we are able to create our incredibly authentic and high-quality products.


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