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How To Clean Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is an excellent addition to any home. It isn’t just durable and stunning; it also adds value to your home. You probably want to keep your home looking good, and we don’t blame you. Part of keeping your home clean and tidy is keeping your hardwood floors clean. Learn how to properly clean hardwood flooring in our guide below.

Reduce Dirt and Debris

The best way to clean your hardwood flooring is by keeping it from getting dirty or damaged in the first place. You could set a cleaning schedule where you regularly sweep the floors, but you can do even more than that. Utilize door mats and rugs to protect the floor; better yet, you could make a habit of taking off your shoes each time you walk in the door.

Use a Damp Mop or Sponge

Even with the above steps, you still have to give your floors regular deep-cleanings. Remember that you’re cleaning hardwood floors—you can’t soak your floor in water. Instead, use a wood floor mop (which is usually a single flat pad) or a sponge mop—either way, you should ensure the mop is damp, not dripping wet. The excess moisture could actually damage your floor.

Go Easy on the Chemicals

A lot of people make the mistake of using harsh chemicals on their hardwood floors. Before using cleaner on your floor, make sure it’s safe for hardwood. Additionally, you must read the directions, because most cleaners are meant to be diluted with water. If you don’t dilute the cleaner, it could stain your beautiful wood floors. You can also opt for a natural cleaner that you probably have in your home—vinegar. Again, diluting vinegar with water is a great floor cleaner that’s completely natural.

Everybody knows that reclaimed hardwood flooring is durable and naturally gorgeous, but a lot of people fail to maintain their floors’ natural beauty. We hope this guide on how to clean hardwood flooring proves how simple cleaning your floors really is.

Hardwood Design Company specializes in handcrafted hardwood. We apply traditional craftsmanship to all our products, because nothing beats the authenticity of handcrafted wood. If you have any questions about our products or our salvaging process, give us a call. Don’t forget to request your free sample while you’re at it!


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