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Protecting Your Hardwood Floors During a Move

Protecting Your Hardwood Floors During a Move

A lot of hustle and bustle goes into settling your family into a new home. Amid all the movement, it’s easy for your floors to sustain some damage. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies for protecting your hardwood floors during a move, so you don’t have to stress over home improvement before even settling in.

Cover the Floors

A quick fix for preventing minor floor scrapes is to cover your hardwood floors with protective materials. There are different types of mat sheets on the home goods market that are shock-absorbent, reusable, and effective. These products will prevent minor dents and scratches from happening during a move.

Don’t Drag Furniture

It may seem obvious, but dragging furniture (even with protective materials in place) can cause severe damage to your hardwood floors. Use dollies and furniture sliders for big-ticket items, such as couches or heavy tables.

Avoid Moving in Bad Weather

When it comes to protecting your hardwood floors during a move, keep in mind that the weather will influence just how easy that’ll be. Moving during rain or snow can track unwanted mud, salt, and water into your home and harm your floors.

If you must move during poor weather conditions, safeguard your home with an extra heavy-duty mat at the front door. Routinely wiping down the floors with some microfiber towels can prevent movers from leaving hardwood floor stains behind.

When in Doubt, Double Measure It Out

Since it’s the large furniture that usually causes dents and scrapes, you need to measure your furnishing and plan ahead. Forcing oversized furniture to fit in your home is likely to cause unsightly gashes in your hardwood. Note the dimensions of your furniture, doorways, and rooms to ensure everything fits as planned.

If your move-in causes irreversible hardwood damage—or if you just think your new abode could use an updated look—consider Hardwood Designs Co. Our natural oak floors come in a variety of textures, colors, and grades to beautifully pair with your new home’s interior design, whatever the style.


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