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The Pros and Cons of Staining Hardwood Floors

The Pros and Cons of Staining Hardwood Floors

One popular approach that homeowners take to enhance their home interiors’ appearance is staining their hardwood floors. There are plenty of aesthetic advantages to staining your floors a different color, but there are a few drawbacks worth reflecting on, too. If you’re considering transforming your hardwood floors at home, check out Hardwood Design Co.’s list of the pros and cons of staining hardwood floors to see if staining is a good fit for your floors.

Pros of Staining Your Hardwood Floors

Highlights the Hardwood’s Design

Each hardwood plank offers a unique natural design, which you can accentuate by staining it. Once you stain your floors, the eccentric grain pattern will become much more noticeable. By emphasizing the distinct elements in your hardwood flooring, you inherently make the floor a bolder interior design feature.

Achieves the Look of Different Wood

Perhaps you want a herringbone design but in a wood tone or type that’s not flexible for hardwood floor patterns. With the power of staining, you can install a hardwood type that’s amenable to unique pattern installation and that takes floor staining well to achieve both the ideal color and pattern for your home.

Creates an Elegant Space at an Affordable Price

Many homeowners pine after dark, rich hardwood floors but are unable to pay the price for them. Dark stains can mimic a refined, lavish look without costing you an unfavorable amount of money.

Cons of Staining Your Hardwood Floors

Highlights Sanding Marks

If your hardwood floors were sanded poorly, staining is only going to accentuate it. Just as stains emphasize the beauty of hardwood floors, it also emphasizes any flaws. Deep scratches left behind by the sander will become much more visible.

Some Woods Aren’t as Compatible with Staining

Some types of wood, such as pine and birch, have too tight of grains to take stain well. Other wood types contain sap, which resists stain. Essentially, you’ll have to make sure your hardwood floor type is even stainable to avoid a muddled look.

Final Note

Like any home renovation project, staining your hardwood floors can offer an appealing new look for your interior when done correctly. After mulling over the pros and cons of staining hardwood floors and whether it will be a good fit for your home, reach out to professionals to get the job done. You should always entrust flooring professionals when investing in hardwood floor staining, as their expertise will ensure optimal final results.

At Hardwood Design Co., we offer locally sourced authentic reclaimed flooring in different wood types and colors. Our assortment of reclaimed wood guarantees something for every kind of interior design. If you’re having trouble determining which stain is right for your home, contact one of our design consultants or simply request a sample.


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