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The Perks of Wooden Staircases for Your Home

Homeowners appreciate hardwood floors for a slew of reasons. They promote a warm and welcoming look, are cost-effective, easy to clean, and don’t harbor allergens like carpeting does. Hardwood floors have a lot of advantages to offer your home, and so do wooden stairs. Hardwood Design Company looks at the perks of wooden staircases for your home and why they might make the perfect addition to your interior.

The Added Value

A wooden staircase increases the value of your home when on the market. Since wood stairs are amenable to various interior design styles, they’re often sought after by prospective homeowners.

Homeowner Highlight: Want to enjoy the perks of wooden staircases for your home prior to putting it on the market? Because of their durability, you can be sure to enjoy your wooden staircase long before your home is put up for sale.

The Durability

Hardwood staircases are built to last. That said, making the steep initial expense is ultimately a cost-effective investment, as you’ll likely never have to replace them for the duration of your homeownership.

Homeowner Highlight: Though highly durable, hardwood staircases are still susceptible to displaying wear and tear. Use glossy varnishing and wax to protect your stairs from high foot traffic. Wax and varnish can also be used to tweak the color of your staircase as desired.

The Natural Yet Striking Appearance

The texture and warmth of most hardwood materials creates a tonally bright environment in your home. When you revamp your staircase, you have the potential to turn it into a focal point.

Hardwood stairs are unassuming yet very elegant, making them a suitable renovation for any home style. Hardwood Design Co. offers thoughtfully sourced custom wood stairs, so you can invest in a staircase that’s tailored exactly to your liking while practicing sustainability.

Homeowner Highlight: The stairs may be the first interior element that your guests encounter (depending on your home’s layout.) Customize your stairs to cater to a modern, minimalistic, or rustic style— whatever style best suits the rest of your home’s aesthetic.

The Low-Maintenance Factor

Unlike carpet, hardwood is easy to clean. Simply sweeping your staircase will often do the trick, but if you want a deep clean, you can occasionally mop them using an appropriate cleaning solution in warm water.

Homeowner Highlight: If your stairs acquire a stain that just won’t budge—from water damage, for instance—you can always restore its appearance by sanding and varnishing it.


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