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What Makes Texas Mesquite Flooring So Unique?

Salvaged Texas Mesquite wood floors are what started it for us at Hardwood Design Company. Texas Mesquite is a species of wood extremely unique among the products we offer and different from any other product on the hardwood flooring market. Mesquite floors are naturally warm, rustic and incredibly durable, making them perfect for fans of Southern and Southwestern design themes.

Here are a few details that make Texas Mesquite wood and Mesquite flooring so special:

The Look

The unique character of Texas Mesquite wood is obvious the moment you see it. The wood has a smoky, rich color that suits its name. This wood could be easily found on the floors of a barbecue restaurant or smoke house, or in a custom study or library. Its deep, attractive hue evokes a long history, marked by natural variations and swirls for a unique finish not found in other hardwoods.

The Hardness

Some wood flooring may look beautiful, but can be easily damaged from simply walking across the floor. Other factors such as children, dogs, or certain types of shoes can cause your floor to take a beating and leave tiny scratches and gouges. The benefit of Texas Mesquite is the hardness of the wood. With a rating between 2400 and 2600 on the Janka Hardness Scale, this wood species withstands a lot of damage from heavy foot traffic, furniture, and pets. If the floor does scratch, the wood's distinct lines and ribbons will typically disguise the scratch. Scratches and other minor damages may also simply add more character.

The Creation

Most companies do not offer hardwood products in Mesquite because it is notoriously difficult to work with as a species. However, salvaging Texas Mesquite and manufacturing hardwood floors is how Hardwood Design Company started in 1998. We have developed a unique system for crafting hardwood floor planks out of Texas Mesquite wood. We work each piece by hand, a lost technique that preserves its integrity and highlights the natural character of this wood.

At Hardwood Design Company, we only manufacture products from unwanted, salvaged hardwood materials that would otherwise be discarded and burned. Most of Texas Mesquite raw material is salvaged from ranches in South Texas. Ranches will clear Mesquite trees to make way for more farm and grazing land for cattle, or they thin certain areas to allow for better hunting.

Hardwood Design Company is a vertically integrated hardwood flooring manufacturer. Raw salvaged mesquite logs can be seen in the photos above. These logs are scragged into wood blocks, then sawn into rough lumber or veneers. We also offer beautiful mesquite mantels, displayed above.

These are photos showcasing several homes that feature our salvaged Texas Mesquite hardwood floors, ranging in colors from natural to dark brown. Texas Mesquite forms a lasting impression in various home designs, whether modern, rustic, or Spanish Revival. As mesquite trees tend to grow wild, they twist and turn and seem to grow just as much horizontally as they do vertically. This creates distinct properties that elevate the wood detail seen in our custom flooring. We offer wide-plank Mesquite hardwood flooring, described here, and we offer alternative wide-plank flooring options with our Live Sawn Oak.


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