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Wide plank hardwood flooring seems to be all the rave right now. However, we have been fans of wide planks for twenty years. When constructing our beautiful hardwood products, we use cuts that maximize the yield of each log. Typically accomplished with a live sawn cut, this process naturally produces longer and wider veneers and lumber. This featured home boasts 8" live sawn oak wide plank hardwood flooring. These boards were cut from trees found on the same plot of land, which gives the flooring a special, uniform profile.

Close up shots of the floors highlight the wood's detail and craftsmanship. The consistent width of wide plank flooring, paired with the fresh sawn oak beams that frame the ceiling, compliment the open concept design and cool, neutral interior. The wooden stairs and stairway landing also blend seamlessly with the living areas, showcasing 8" wide plank hardwood with the rest of the home. We also constructed the stair treads with a blunted square edge to align with the home's modern style. We were happy to be a part of building this tranquil space.


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