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Why More People Choose Oak for Wood Flooring

Flooring is an especially impactful aspect of interior design. Hardwood flooring is popular for the warmth and natural feel it contributes to any space. Whether you’re updating your home or office flooring, you should assess the advantages of different hardwood flooring to see which is the right choice. In recent years, oak flooring has gained notable popularity. Hardwood Design Company uncovers why more people choose oak for wood flooring over other wood types.

Even and Easy Stains

Oak takes stains easily and evenly, making it a very flexible wood option for those in need of new floors. Because it stains so effortlessly, individuals on the market for hardwood flooring have a wide range of stain colors to choose from when they use it.

Its assortment of options makes oak flooring super versatile. You can achieve a rustic chic look with lighter stains or cater to your preference for a sleek and modern appearance with a deep and rich dark brown stain.

Intriguing Grain

Many people feel drawn to oak flooring because of its character. Each oak plank will have a unique combination of knots, streaks, grains, and other features, making each flooring section visually intriguing. Hardwood Design Company’s natural oak floors offer subtle, one-of-a-kind details that create captivating appearances without overwhelming the overall interior.

Another reason why more people choose oak for wood flooring is that its grain is better at masking imperfections. With oak floors, it’s difficult to see the scrapes and scratches your flooring inevitably acquires throughout the years.

Easier Installation

Because each plank has its own pattern, oak planks allow for laidback installation. Since oak planks have such miscellaneous grains, contractors can place each plank anywhere in the flooring layout, and it will blend well with its surrounding planks.


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