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Wide- vs. Narrow-Plank Hardwood Flooring in Your Home

Wide- vs. Narrow-Plank Hardwood Flooring in Your Home

Hardwood flooring is a popular home interior element for many reasons. It establishes a more refined appearance while creating a calming, natural atmosphere. Because hardwood flooring is so popular in home design, manufacturers have greatly expanded the different types of hardwood available to homeowners. From color to grain and plank width, homeowners have the privilege of selecting hardwood flooring that perfectly suits their style and the rest of their home design. Here, Hardwood Design Co. homes in on wide- versus narrow-plank hardwood flooring in your home and how to decide between the two.

Perks of Wide Planks

Wide planks are the go-to flooring option for rustic and earthier interior designs. They also show off more of the wood type’s grain, accentuating the uniqueness of each plank. You can also get wide planks custom made to have few or no knots. Knotless wide planks are great fits in modern interior designs. Whether your home is modern or rustic, wide planks also make spaces feel airy.

Drawbacks to Wide Planks

For smaller spaces, wide planks might not be the best bet. For folks who like a highly refined look, wide planks that showcase many knots may not be ideal, either.

It’s essential to invest in high-quality flooring, too. If you settle for low-quality wide-plank hardwood, you may be left with an uneven fit, as wider planks are more challenging to accommodate.

Perks of Narrow Planks

To properly compare wide- versus narrow-plank hardwood flooring in your home, we’ll now look at the advantages of narrow planks. Narrow planks are great for smaller spaces, and they can be easier to maintain than wide planks. They’re best suited for contemporary interior designs. For homes in humid climates, narrow planks are best because they’re less vulnerable to warping or buckling.

Drawbacks to Narrow Planks

Narrow planks aren’t as versatile as wide planks. They’re restricted to modern designs for a cohesive look and typically sold at a steeper price. Narrow planks can also take longer to install since they’re often longer, meaning your cost of installation is likely to be steeper, too.

Hardwood Design Co. offers a stunning selection of natural wood products for your home. If you’re on the market for new hardwood flooring, consider one of our most popular offerings of wide-plank oak hardwood flooring. You have the option of natural-face, hand-scraped, or flat-sanded Texas oak to give your home some more flair. With our authentically crafted and locally sourced products, you’re sure to appreciate upgrading your home that much more.


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