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Environmental Benefits of Hardwood Floors

If you’re looking for more ways to make your home sustainable, consider hardwood flooring. When made with the environment in mind, hardwood floors end up being much greener than other types of flooring options. Explore the environmental benefits of hardwood floors to see why they’re such a popular option among eco-conscious homeowners.

They’re Incredibly Long Lasting

If you take good care of your hardwood floors, they can last anywhere beyond 100 years. Of course, it’s natural for matured wood to endure some scrapes and stains during the course of your homeownership, but you can easily maintain your flooring’s appearance with staining and sanding.

They Can Be Harvested in an Environmentally Friendly Way

Reclaimed wood is the perfect example of how hardwood floors can be sustainable. Flooring manufacturers process old wood from abandoned buildings, old barns, and other wooden structures no longer in use. They then repurpose this wood to look brand new and to serve as stunning flooring in someone’s home.

They Require Fewer Raw Materials Than Other Flooring Options

The raw materials and chemicals used to create other types of flooring options, such as linoleum, carpet, and tile, can result in harmful waste. One of the environmental benefits of hardwood floors is that they require much less energy to produce than your other options. The manufacturing process rarely leaves behind waste, too, as manufacturers can use excess wood pieces to create additional products.

They’re Reusable

Should you later decide to replace your hardwood floors with a different type of flooring, you can find solace in knowing the planks can be repurposed for another home. The replaceable nature of hardwood flooring makes it a super-favorable choice for people concerned with sustainability.

Hardwood Design Co.’s live-sawn oak flooring is a unique, sustainable hardwood flooring option for any home. The special technique we use to create our live-sawn oak planks gives each of them rich character while utilizing the most from each log. We thrive off of the fact that the rest of our products are also authentically crafted, thoughtfully sourced, and locally made. If you’re in need of a hardwood flooring company that prioritizes sustainability, we’re the perfect fit for you.


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