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When Kendra Scott calls on you to create and handcraft flooring for her flagship storefront, you better deliver. Kendra Scott's newly opened flagship showroom in Austin, Texas features our first completed Natural Face, engineered wide plank Texas Post Oak hardwood floors.

Natural Face hardwood products are uniquely created by and only available at Hardwood Design Company. This product undergoes a drying process that naturally produces a variety of weathering characteristics to the face of the hardwood, creating a soft movement across the front of the board. We created this product to mimic the look and character of old world style flooring that is worn in certain places from hundreds of years of walking on them. This unique drying process creates subtle undulations that occur across the face of the wood producing a depth of dimension and texture. After the drying process is complete, we further enhance the surface of the wood by shaping each board by hand to create a finished floor that is unparalleled in quality as well as originality. Below you can see a sample of our Natural Face Texas Post Oak.


Our Post Oak hardwood flooring adds a touch of warmth and rustic character to the modern design of Kendra Scott's SOCO Showroom.

These beautiful floors are created completely from salvaged post oak, which is such an abundant and local Texas resource that is so often discarded. As a hardwood flooring manufacturer, we choose to be different and use the resources around us to manufacture all of our products and truly embody the "Made in USA" brand.

This chevron patterned hallway below adds sophisticated elegance to the chic design and perfectly compliments this modern bookcase wall.


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