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How To Care for Hardwood Floors in Winter

Thinking about how to care for hardwood floors in winter is essential to the integrity of your floor. The winter can negatively affect the structure and appearance of your floor if it’s not maintained properly. Hardwood floors are a great investment because of their aesthetic value and durability.

Utilize a Rug and Doormat

When you walk into your house after a long day, some of the debris on your shoes will get tracked into your home. When it snows in the winter, many places will utilize rock salt to melt the snow. Aside from making a mess, this salt can also damage your hardwood flooring. Utilizing a rug or doormat is one way to avoid external factors from negatively affecting your floors.

Clean Regularly

Cleaning the floors regularly is probably the first thing that came to mind when considering how to care for hardwood floors in winter. As mentioned, the external factors of winter can damage them. Investing in a specific tool to clean your floors is beneficial—using just anything could cause damage. Consider purchasing a vacuum or broom, as the main concern will be dust and debris. In addition, be sure to buy a cleanser specifically for your floor to avoid any accidental damage.

Regulate Room Temperature and Humidity

Cold weather can affect the structural integrity of your hardwood floors. When it’s cold and dry outside, the hardwood floor may also become dry. This causes them to shrink or crack. Keep your windows closed to cut down on the external temperature affecting your floors. You can also check the temperature of your home. The ideal temperature for hardwood floors is between 60° and 80° Fahrenheit. Humidity is another important factor. The ideal humidity level for hardwood floors is between 30% and 50%. Your home is likely already set to these levels (as this is also the range best for your health.)

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