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This stylish river home in Austin, Texas embodies luxury hardwood flooring "done right". With a modern Spanish style architecture, this house boasts custom woodwork from head to toe. The high ceilings are framed and styled with our reclaimed beams from Northern Wisconsin. These beams are salvaged from old barns and structures and repurposed as decorative pieces to give homes an updated, rustic look. The criss-cross pattern seen below is one of our favorite patterns yet. The warm accents and natural sunlight in this sitting room create a relaxing space for reading, good conversation, and sharing breakfast with family.

Our Post Oak hardwood floors accent perfectly with white interiors. Displayed above, the Post Oak stairs in this home are carefully crafted with a blended, natural finish. We custom make our own treads and risers from the exact same wood batch as our hardwood floors, so the transition is flawless from floor to stair. Seen below, beautiful archways are used throughout the home to provide an old-world feel. In contrast, the stairs were given a squared edge treatment to maintain the modern contemporary details of the home's design.

When maintained properly, our Post Oak floors can also be utilized in the kitchen. Our hardwood flooring is resistant to water and functional in kitchen areas, unlike most cheap, hardwood floors.

Reclaimed beams are shown again below as beautifully-crafted accents to the kitchen, bedroom, and back patio.

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