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At Hardwood Design Company, we salvage unwanted raw materials and manufacture them into luxury hardwood floors. These photos show a cattle ranch outside College Station, Texas where trees were cut to make room for more grazing farmland. If we had not bought and salvaged these raw logs, they would have been stacked and burned. Most of the salvaged logs from this project were Texas Post Oak. Texas Post Oak trees are prominent in the Brazos Valley, and they make incredible salvaged wood flooring. Texas Post Oak wood is tough, beautiful and has a natural character that cannot be found in any other type of oak tree. These logs were transported to our manufacturing facility in Bryan, Texas where they will be saw-milled into veneers or thick cut lumber for either engineered or solid wood floors.

After the salvaged Texas Post Oak logs arrive at the saw-mill, they are sorted by length and wait to be milled. Saw-milling is a tedious process where an experienced worker cuts each log according to how it can be best utilized. This is how we maximize the yield of raw useable material that each log can produce. After a log is cut, the lumber or veneers are placed on pallets, where they sit and wait until the moisture content decreases to the appropriate level. Once that level is reached, then the real manufacturing of the salvaged wood floors can begin.


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