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Since its inception, Hardwood Design Company embraces a desire to be different and unique. This ideology is the driving catalyst for the unexpected sustainable journey we are on. As a team of innovators and creators, we focus on the development of products rich in history defined by our Texas heritage.

While traveling through Texas in 1998, we came upon many local ranches that were clearing Mesquite trees. We learned that Mesquite trees needed to be maintained or they would run the risk of becoming a nuisance and take over the land, robbing cattle of nutrients and limiting agricultural potential.

After seeing large sections of Mesquite trees being cleared away to be burned or destroyed, our calling was now clear. We would salvage these Mesquite trees and develop unique products from material that would otherwise go to waste.

Texas Mesquite became our first signature wood species, leading us down a sustainable journey of crafting unique products out of the resources around us. Our sustainable Texas story continues with our thoughtfully sourced Texas Post Oak and Southern Pecan. We don't claim to be sustainability experts, but we do believe in using the natural resources around us to create unique products unparalleled in quality and aesthetics.

“At Hardwood Design Company, our principles drive not only what we do but how we do it. Yes, our products are more expensive but only because we value our people and the craftsmanship they bring to our brand. We choose to salvage raw materials that are available naturally to ensure that we don't rob the land of its beauty." -Brandon Claborn, Owner


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