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Why are handcrafted wood floors highly sought after?  

The answer is simple, TEXTURE!

Hand-scraping highlights the texture, depth and beauty of hardwood floors. It combines quality modern hardwood with a lived-in, authentic vibe. Wood floors were originally hand-scraped and sanded after installation to create the smoothest possible surface from rough pieces of timber. This tedious process resulted in a richly detailed authentic hardwood flooring that emphasized the beautiful lines and texture of the wood. Today, this design trend is highly sought after. However, the majority of present-day companies fall short in this process.

Today, most companies that offer hand-scraped floors do so with modern methods of machinery. Valuing efficiency over authenticity, and dollars over purpose yield products that fall short. The automated process creates uniformity, and is in direct contrast to true hand-scraping. Machine scraped floors also create large uniform divots that distract the true beauty of the wood. Hand-scraped floors are intentionally and painstakingly scraped and sanded by hand, creating a unique, handcrafted look for each home and floor; a look that cannot be achieved by machinery.

Companies need to call it what it is, machine-scraped floors. However, that would not attract buyers. So, when you are considering hand-scraped flooring, be sure to ask if the product is machine or hand-scraped. If the flooring company does not know, you can ask for the product name and contact the manufacturer. Also, ask to see pictures or videos of the hand-scraping process. If the company truly hand-scrapes, then they will be more than willing to provide this to you.

All hardwood flooring manufactured at Hardwood Design Company is scraped by hand, board by board, no machines; authentic and done right to achieve the texture and richness you deserve. Our hand-scraped flooring is available in Texas Post Oak, Southern Pecan, Texas Mesquite and Live-Sawn Oak.



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