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Live Sawn wood flooring is naturally impressive. European-cut live sawn oak floors have a slightly grey finish for a unique, aged feel. The use of white and cool neutrals create a very clean and updated look. Complimented with the rustic character of the authentic wood flooring and wide plank hardwood floors, this home's style is one of a kind. Check out more photos below to see how this home was beautifully designed and decorated.

Even in the kitchen and bathroom, Live Sawn Oak wood floors are built to stand out. We do things right and construct our floors to be extremely water resistant. With proper care, the floor's integrity can be maintained without worry. The slight board color variation gives the handcrafted hardwood floors an original look that is rare among Texas Hardwood Manufacturers. We love these wide plank floors, and we love what we do.

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23 de ago. de 2019

Gorgeous wide plank hardwood floors. Love this blog!


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